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Dividend Yield 101: What It Is and Why It Matters for Investors

Master the art of dividend investing with our comprehensive guide to dividend yield. From calculating to applying, we’ve got everything you need to build a robust dividend portfolio.

What Is Dividend Payout Ratio?  

Learn about dividend payout ratio, a key metric you need to know because it measures the sustainability of a company’s dividend payment.

What Are Dividend Aristocrats? 

Dividend aristocrats are companies that have increased their annual dividend payment every for at least 25 years in a row. Dividend aristocrats often comprise the core holdings of a dividend growth investing portfolio.

How To Receive Dividend Income Every Month

Consider adding some advanced, yet easy-to-follow strategies to your approach. Our guide to receiving dividend income every month briefly explains how and when most companies pay dividends and shows you the two main ways you can receive dividend income every month.

What Is A Dividend?

In this article, we cover the basics you need to know about dividends and elaborate on the types of companies that pay them — or don’t pay them.

The Dividend Decoder: Navigating the Types and Taxes for a Steady Income Stream

Our guide on the different types of dividends takes you through these practical, yet critically important considerations when investing in stocks that pay dividends.

What Is Dividend Growth Investing?

With an understanding of DGI as a portfolio strategy, you can up your long-term investing and retirement planning game.

Our guide to dividend growth investing illustrates how it can generate impressive investment returns.